In the words of Jocelyn O.

Meet the blog!


Until recently I had a page titled: It used to be: Dreams of Galway? that explains why I changed my blog name from one thing to another and settled on “Dreams of Galway”. A lot of what that page explains is very true to the person I am today, but if you were to make my personality into a pie chart, “dreaming of Galway” would probably be 10% of what I want, who I am, where I am going, etc.

My blog title was a reflection of something I truly wanted awhile back- and STILL DO- but it doesn’t reflect the more substantial part of who I am and have become presently. This is why I once again decided to change my blog title, and hopefully for the last time, but you never know with me – I won’t stop until I feel it’s just “the one” (title that is) for my blog.

I thought of something my husband calls me: “Squirrel!” When we watch T.V. Shows as soon as the commercials come on, I start bothering him, hugging him, I pretty much become a fidgety little girl.
I can be a spur of the moment person. One minute I am running around in circles, the next I am sitting quietly in front of my computer.

I love to observe everything going on around me and paying attention to the little details.
Pondering what hasn’t happened, but could. So much is going on around us in this world. Beautiful things to see. Lovely sounds to hear. Sometimes I’m overly analytic. Other times I’m way too spontaneous, but regardless I’m constantly just taking it all in.

And I want to take it all in.

That’s what I want my blog to portray. It’s all the thoughts that can be spurred by an event in my day. A feeling caused by a conversation. An occurrence that annoyed me,

 Now Playing: Life by Jocie – can mean and refer to many things. I like the versatility in that because

I don’t want this to be a diary about my everyday life,

instead I want my everyday life to influence what I write about; and hopefully, you, my reader, can find some of those things interesting – and maybe even relate to them. 😉

Things to expect:

  • I will talk about many different things, but I’d like to stick to writing about a few specific topics most of the time.
    This way you know that although I can be spontaneous there is some structure to it all.

    • Knitting – Something I am just getting into and would like to write about my progress, struggles, etc.
    • Writing – I’d like to write stories again, and work on my book.
    • Reading – The books I am reading and reviews on them when I am done.
    • Bible – Perhaps mention or discuss a passage that I find encouraging amongst other related ideas.
    • Piano/Teaching piano – Basically I’d like to write about my experience as a teacher as well as whatever I go through
      in reconnecting with my instrument and eventually auditioning for the music program at my university.

Comments on: "Meet the blog!" (2)

  1. Excellent. It’s good to have the freedom a new name and new start can give you. I will follow your adventures. All joy in your blog travels. HF

    • LifebyJocie said:

      Thanks so much Harper!

      I enjoy your posts very much and although I do not write with the wonderful humor you do, I do hope that you can enjoy my writing all the same 🙂

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