In the words of Jocelyn O.

I’ve been reading a lot these past couple of days. I have been searching for motivation, encouragement, and knowledge.

I click on one link that leads me to another; I have SO many tabs open because I don’t want to lose track of all the resources I’m coming across.

One of the pages I found was this: Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2011/2012- The Winners.

I found writing treasure and I knew that I needed to visit every one of those blogs. A little while ago I chose to visit first of the 10, by random chance, this blog: The Artist’s Road and as I read the latest post up I suddenly knew the answer to my question! In the post Patrick Ross writes: ” If they follow my advice we will have to wait a bit, however, because I always advise bloggers write for six months without posting. That allows a potential blogger both to find her voice and build up a backlog of posts for when the muse is AWOL.” Well THANK YOU Mr. Ross!

I’m sure it works for many to just jump into things, and a few times it has worked for me, but those sentences made me realize that the reason I have such a hard time being consistent with my blog and coming up with posts is because I never truly planned for it. I knew I wanted to blog. Post A Day was a great way to start off, but in the end that’s all it was: a start-up that quickly ran out of gas. Reading that post just lit a light bulb in my mind. I definitely recommend you give both links a look.

For this reason I am taking a break. Until September 1, 2012 I will not post anything. On June 13th I turn 23. So it will be a busy month anyway and during this time I can focus on planning out my blog, future posts, and still comment on the blogs I enjoy reading. Also, I will keep this blog up, but I have a blog name and address that I have set up, but haven’t used and feel that when I come back it will be best to start fresh there. When I do come back to blog I will post a link on this blog for a few days so if anyone wants to continue following they can go ahead and head over.

I know that Mr. Ross recommends 6 months, but because I’m not entirely new to blogging I feel it’s not necessary personally to wait so long. Instead I’m giving myself enough time to put my blogging goals into perspective. I’m really excited about this because I feel it’s exactly what I need and when I do come back I hope to have a much more entertaining and enjoyable place for you all to visit.

Thanks for sticking by so far. I’m looking forward for what is to come!



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