In the words of Jocelyn O.

Okay, so I am wondering if I’m the only one out there that does this. I really hope not.

When picking what books to read I never guide myself by what everyone is reading, in fact I am extremely turned off by popular books.

Why would I want to read a book, or series of books, everyone is reading?

I don’t want to sound pretentious, but fads bother me. For a LONG time I didn’t want to buy an iPhone because I noticed how many people had one. I did not want to be like the rest, but after comparing phones and seeing what was out there. I felt it was the best fit for me and “gave in.”

Books are a different story so far. The Harry Potter series came out when I was about 10 years old I believe. I remember devouring the first 2 books and then I just stopped. Years later I have yet to read the rest of the books. I believe at some point I read the 3rd one.

The Twilight series was recently all the rave. I have not read any of the books yet either.

Now, I will admit that I watch the movies and I enjoy them. I find it no big deal to watch the movies even though I know everyone else is doing it too because to me movies are different. There is always a movie that a big majority is crazy to watch and that’s not a reason that is going to make it or break it for me whether I choose to see it or not.

Books are entirely different though because there’s not always a series or book that a substantial majority is raving about. So if it’s extremely popular then I know it’s the “latest fashion” to read it – and I rather not.

It’s not that I’m doing this to be rebellious, but it actually, simply bothers me. I have no other explanation for it.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy. Why don’t I read books when everyone else is. Life would be much easier if I could discuss with friends and co-workers the current favorite book out there. We’d elaborately go over the smallest details of a chapter or scene, and how it made us feel. Instead what ends up happening to me is that everyone is talking about it, but me, and I’m just sitting there listening.

Do you know what else this means?

It means books tend to get spoiled for me. I’ll know everything that is going to happen, from beginning to end, before I’ve even opened a book to the first page.

Does it suck? Yes. Does it entirely keep me from ever touching the book? No. It’s different to *hear* someones account of a story than actually seeing the words for yourself.

In the end it makes me wonder if maybe I should drop my habit of avoiding “in fashion reads” and simply join the crowd. Maybe then I could join in on conversations and whine about how anxiously I’m awaiting the next book as well.

That is one perk of not reading books when everyone else is. I don’t have to go all berserk, desperately awaiting the release of the next book because by the time I do read a series lets say – all the books are out 🙂

What’s your take on this “reading books in or out of fashion” issue?


Comments on: "I Only Read Out of Fashion" (2)

  1. i’m not usually after the popular books. i have a few authors i like and a couple of genre i like. the shelves are too full of spy thrillers. it’s annoying. oh, and vampires.

    • LifebyJocie said:

      Haha You know you LOVE those vamps =P By the way sorry for following without leaving a comment right before or after.

      I think I was super sleepy, but really loved what you wrote in your “about” section so just wanted to follow at the moment 🙂

      And I absolutely love your determination. You are not giving yourself the option to not succeed. You are waiting for *when* you succeed. That’s really inspiring!

      Thanks for the follow back!

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