In the words of Jocelyn O.

Overwhelmed NOT!

Overwhelmed No More!

In an older poster I wrote about how I tend to shut down when I feel overwhelmed. I want to accomplish so much at once that I accomplish nothing.

A few weeks ago I read a blog post from a blog that I thoroughly enjoy. You can read the post here. I don’t have ADD or ADHD, but I do tend to have trouble with making and sticking to certain goals. In her post she recommended picking 3 short-term goals and alternating amongst them throughout the day.

I have adjusted this a bit for myself and decided that those 3 short-term goals should be very short term: as in daily.

So everyday I am going to pick 3 things I must accomplish. I did it today and although it is 9:34 pm and I have yet to finish, I don’t feel as hopeless as when I set myself up to do 10 things in one afternoon. I know that in a little while, when my husband and I catch up on Once Upon A Time I can simultaneously finish folding clothes and putting them away during commercials.

My goals for today were:

  1. Wash all dishes
  2. wash all clothes, fold, and put away
  3. Clean bathroom

I have washed all the dishes, but need to wash some that got dirty for dinner time.

I am going to be folding clothes and leaving the last bit that needs to be washed doing so overnight.

All the bathroom needs is a quick maintenance cleaning. I don’t have a huge bathroom so it can take me 10-15 minutes.

This feels good, really good! I really think that you should try it if you have difficulty keeping up with accomplishing everything you want to accomplish because you don’t zone in on a few things at once -as is (hopefullywas) my case.

I did not go to teach piano today. I was feeling a bit unwell earlier. It also does not help that the AC broke down yesterday. Living in Florida, that is REALLY unacceptable of my AC to do so hehe Thankfully the hubs and father-in-law got it up and running this afternoon.

I’d really appreciate if you shared any tips regarding not only setting goals, but seeing them through. What’s your method?


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