In the words of Jocelyn O.

When I first thought of this title for the blog. I LOVED IT! It was finally something I truly felt was me.

Then, as happens to me many times, I doubted myself. Fears grew within.

Didn’t this title sound conceited? Who would care about my life? People will think that’s all I’m talking about.

This led me to give more thought to my tagline. I made sure to not include the word me in it, so people will understand that not everything I necessarily write will be surrounding me. Yes I will discuss “moments” in my life, “dreams” I may have, and “experiences” of my everyday life and undertaken tasks, but more than anything I hope that others can relate to those things I write about, those moments, dreams, and experiences that I am sure are not only happening to me.

At the same time this is my blog and should reflect my personality – the blog title does just that. You can take it to mean I’m writing a song of my life, or I am playing a piece composed for the piano based on my life. “Playing” can mean many things and that is exactly what I wanted.

I no longer fear what others will think. Those that dislike the blog’s name are entitled to their opinion, but I think that many more will understand where I am coming from and what I am trying to say and that makes me perfectly happy.

My husband told me to stop changing my blog name -he’s right. I plan to stick with this unless some sign from above tells me I must change it to “so and so name”.

I hope that beyond the title you can find fun, knowledge, and enjoyment from the words written here.

The blog may be based on the occurrences of my life, but in doing that its purpose is to find others to relate to and share with 🙂


Comments on: "Now Playing: Life by Jocelyn" (2)

  1. Love the title! Looking forward to following!

    • LifebyJocie said:

      Thanks so much! I’ve been so busy lately haven’t been able to ‘Post A Day” I can’t wait for things to get back to normal. Will definitely be returning the visit =)

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