In the words of Jocelyn O.

This post poses the question of how you name each of your blog posts, my blog-to-read pick of the week, and in part 2 what’s going on in my knitting life. If you’d like to skip right to the knitting post, here’s the link:

I was wondering something just now and would like to hear how others go about this: do you write your post and then title it or do you come up with a title and then write your post?

I realized that I tend to do the second, but I am going to start trying it the first way. If you decide the title first, then it would make sense that your post is focused on a theme revolving that title, but that isn’t always the case for me because I tend to write about a few things within a post. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post I have planned out a sort of layout for what topics I want to discuss on a given day, but I’ll still talk about other points (like I’m doing in this post) aside from the “main topic”. In such a case it might be better to write a post out and based on what you’ve written come up with the title.

Anyways, I’d love to know what is your process of naming a post, so please let me know.

I started reading and commenting/liking a few posts that I had missed. I’ve still got quite a few to read, but I’ll continue to do so after I finish my post and then I’ll be caught up. I counted  and I am following close to 60 blogs, the majority of which are highly active in their posts. I now understand why I am having such a hard time keeping up and yet I really want to. I also realize I should probably be careful in following more blogs. At least until I can manage the ones I do already.

I mentioned how I will be picking a blog to read in its entirety every 1-2 weeks. I won’t necessarily comment on older posts, but I look forward to being able to observe any changes from the beginning until now that each blogger has had. I also want to be able to learn from each blog. There are a lot of wonderful posts that we may have missed when we find a blog that’s been around for awhile. So my “A Blog’s History Project” as I’d like to call it will give me the opportunity to read those great posts. Also I’ll be linking to the blog I’m currently reading (to tempt you to follow just one more great blog hehe).

My choice for this week is Damantigui’s Blog. The more recent posts I’ve read from his blog are clever and funny. Sometimes it requires you to stop and think to realize what is going on. The last post from this blog is its writer saying farewell to the blogosphere. It was sad, but I’m glad I can go back and read his older posts.

Well, now that I’ve gone on and on about all this. I wanted to get to my “main topic” of today which is knitting.

Because I don’t want this to turn into a huge post I’ll simply write a part 2 focused on knitting and nothing else (as much as possible). I have pretty much summed up here the other things I wanted to write about.

As I continue to work on improving my blog and its material I appreciate each of you that stick by and take the time to read what I write even when it’s just a few tidbits of my life and nothing too exciting.


Comments on: "From Title, Blog History, to Knitting…Part 1" (5)

  1. I write my content and try to come up with some clever title at the end. Sometimes I even forget to put titles, so I’ll have to go back and edit one in. So for my process the title is the last thing I do.

  2. I have no system. None. I have ideas about what I could/should write about, but most of those ideas take more time than I seem to have…….so, I tend to treat this more like an old fashioned diary sort of event.
    Titles end up being the last thing usually. If I title it first, I usually have to go back & change it, as I’ve veered off course & it no longer pertains.
    I love to write, I love to keep a record of what I’m doing………..but, I just haven’t got anything figured out here on my blog. Tidying up the effort is on my TO DO list for 2012!

    • LifebyJocie said:

      Hey there! I totally understand he “tidying up” part! It is what I”m also attempting to do, little by little, with my blog. Lets hope we achieve that organization in 2012 hehe. Thanks for visiting!

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