In the words of Jocelyn O.

The Fourth Month

It’s already April. The year barely started and a few months have passed.

As always the weeks have been full of good and bad, high and lows, busy busy and downtime.

This Easter weekend was quite relaxing. Sunday I went to Church and then met up with some friends at a Park to BBQ and hang out.

I hope all of you have enjoyed your Easter weekend 🙂

Last week I planned out a bit of what I would be blogging. As some of you may have been able to tell I changed my blog name, yet once more. It came to me today and I felt it just fit. I’m pretty happy with it and now all I have to figure out, or wait for inspiration to hit, is my tagline.

I am extremely thankful to God that the amount of piano students I have has steadily increased. And on April 22nd, is the recital. I have to admit I’m quite annoyed at some of my students lack of practicing. I understand that they have school and other activities, but it’s important to realize that when you start learning something new even if its meant to be a hobby- you are supposed to be committed to it. Unfortunately with so many distractions: Facebook, iPod, iPhones,  and so on their attention is easily pulled away from the instrument. It seems I may have to remove some students from performing at the recital because of their lack of practice. I love the idea of having around 17 students performing, but it’s pointless if they won’t do well. In the case of a recital quality is much more important than quantity. Especially for the student, even if its their fault for not practicing I wouldn’t expose them to the embarrassment; a poor performance could ruin their confidence in their ability to play.

I’m excited, but nervous for my students. This will be the first recital held at another place that’s not the academy. It’s being held at a large church. In this small world it turns out my manager/friend from my bookstore job attends that church. I didn’t realize it until I was telling her about the recital and she told me that’s where she went.

One of my newer students who has been playing piano for about 6 1/2 years chose her recital song today. It’s the theme song from the movie “Up”. She learned it awhile ago and randomly plays it now, so she just has to practice it to get her speed and note accuracy where it should be. She played so well. It’s a huge difference to go from teaching beginners and children to having students that understand concepts easily and can learn more advanced songs. I love my young students, but the older ones, and especially those with a bit of experience are a refreshing break.

My goal in the next few months is to purchase a digital piano to be able to practice at home because I really miss being able to play when I feel like it. I will admit I am using that as an excuse (my lack of a good instrument at home) to do my Piano Book Inventory. I usually don’t have time to play my own personal songs, or practice unless I arrive at work earlier, stay later, or a student misses class. So I can much less sit, play, and review books.

Anyways, as my schedule begins to fill up I see more and more need to become a better organize teacher. I also want to make my classes more engaging, interactive, and fun. It’s going to be a year on the 18th of this month that I started this job. I can’t believe how far I’ve come, but I know I’ve got so much more to learn and do.

It’s interesting to look back on something we started months ago and see the progress we’ve made. It could be a new job or hobby. Whatever it is, it’s great to see how far you’ve come. Please share if you’ve experienced anything like this!


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