In the words of Jocelyn O.

I was going to start off this post saying: It’s Friday, but that’s no longer the case hehe

Anyways, Friday was a great day. Hung out with hubby, ate Chinese, lounged around – good stuff for a Friday!

This week has been a pretty relaxing one although I didn’t feel well. I didn’t get a cold or anything like that, but just didn’t feel my usual peppy self.
The good thing was that I was finally able to start knitting again.

A bit about knitting…

Beginning the umpteenth time

Size 7 US needles.
Unfortunately don't remember anything about the yarn...

I have attempted my scarf… about 5 times already I think. Somehow I either end up “dropping a stitch” I think it’s called, or I don’t know what happens, that I have to unravel and start over. I don’t plan this scarf to be worn or anything like that. I think I may have overstretched the yarn at this point. I really don’t know all the terminology yet! This is mostly for me to practice my knit stitch. The other times I have attempted this scarf, I’ll randomly incorporate a purl stitch for the sake of practice, but I decided to stick to just knit stitch this time around. Doing just the knit stitch is called a Garter Stitch, from what I read- please correct me if I’m wrong.

The way I’ve been learning to knit is by teaching myself mostly through 2 books I purchased. One came with a kit that brought two pairs of different sized needles, the other I bought by itself. I’ve mostly used the one called The All New Teach Yourself To Knit by Evie Rosen. I obviously have not gotten far into it, but the explanations are detailed and the illustrations are extremely helpful. I am not sure who Evie Rosen is, but I will look her up. I also purchased a class on but haven’t really started it yet.

In another post I’ll discuss how I got the urge to attempt to learn to knit.

The cool thing that happened this week was that my husband, who always seemed a little curious about my knitting, asked me to give him some needles. Lucky for him I had the other pair in addition to another skein of yarn that I also bought for the purpose of practice. It’s a huge skein by the way, at least to me. It’s a Red Heart brand – Super Saver (14 oz weight, 744 yds, worsted-medium) in the color black.

I never considered that it might be just a tad difficult to see the yarn, but his needles are gold aluminum so it’s not too bad. I think it’s pretty cool that my husband took interest in what I was doing and actually started accompanying me in the activity. I really enjoy it. Although trying to teach him was and is interesting… because I’m practically new at this myself haha

More on my progress (maybe “ours” if hubby continues to enjoy knitting) next week.

A bit about piano…

My three new students that are siblings are a pleasure to have in class. The eldest one who has been playing piano for about 6 1/2 years is such a sweet and talented girl. Her collection of songs to play is pretty broad and that made me feel like I need to catch up. It’s hard to practice piano when my instrument is at my parents house and most of the time I’m at work or home. I could also practice at my job either before or after classes, but usually I just want to come home. I know it’s not the best of excuses but I don’t live super close to my job so the sooner I head out the sooner I am home. Even hubs said we need to get me a piano – likely a digital piano because it’s something we could save for quicker and afford more easily than an actual acoustic upright piano for example – which is what I have at my parent’s house.

I’ve tried playing on my keyboard at home, but it’s so uncomfortable and it’s not a full sized keyboard not allowing me to play most of the songs I would want to learn since they usually need the whole span of the keys.

Oh yea, I’m trying to remember to use the term “playing” instead of “practicing”. One of my student’s mom told me that he felt like when he was told to “practice” it sounded like a punishment, but “playing” made it sound like a fun activity he would enjoy. I guess this would make sense in the mind of a child so I’m trying to remember that.

I’ve yet to do my Piano Book Inventory, I may have to wait to have my digital piano for that as well. I need to be able to play through entire method books to be able to take notes on which books suit who. I can start going through the smaller books at my job though, so I may do that. 

I got started on a lesson plan for my classes. So far I have a general outline that I’m working on making more specific.

A little bit more…

I didn’t read at all this week as far as my novel goes: The MacGregors: Serena Caine by Nora Roberts, I’m not sure why, but hopefully I finish it this coming week. I did read online and a few blogs, but have plenty more posts to catch up on. 

I plan to listen to my audio Bible while I knit sometimes.

Almost there…

I know it’s been a lengthy post, but thanks for hanging in there. There’s plenty more I could talk about, but better to leave you wanting for more (I’m assuming you will want to read what comes next? Maybe? I hope!) hehe

I hope your weekends have had a great start!


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