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Thoughts From 11 Days

My hiatus from writing has been a bit too long for my taste, but it’s been a busy couple of days for me.

I also miss reading the great posts you all write! So I’m trying to go back and read the older posts throughout this week.

The scariest and most momentous point in my life these past weeks was when hubby decided to go to the eye doc after his eye had been bothering him for a day. A “metal foreign object” had fallen into his eye. The eye doc let me see and it looked so huge in comparison to the eye. When he took it out it was tiny!!! Thank God it landed in the corner of his cornea and not his line of vision, because he will have a scar left. So if it’d been in his line of vision it would have been uncomfortable to say the least.

He is much better now.

As for me, I have been getting new students in piano. This is really great, but it is also upping my need to be better organized. It is also getting a little difficult lugging around half the piano books I own ( in total I own a bit over 100). I only have to carry them from car to work because I usually leave them in the car, but even then it is getting ridiculous. I need to figure out what I need most often and just leave it at work or put them in a separate, less heavy back to carry to and fro.

Both my knitting and reading have been on the back burner.

Hubs and I have been playing a lot of League of Legends – any other nerds out there? And trying to read the Bible more. We bought this cool Bible that arranges the books and accounts in a chronological order of how they happened. We like it because it gives us better perspective.

I know I said I don’t want this to be a diary, but since I was out for a few days I think it makes sense to update on what was going on in my life.

This week I’ll be working on a lesson plan for my piano classes. Since I usually just have half hour with my students I need to use up my time wisely with some wiggle room.

I’ll also be getting started on knitting the scarf again… I have knit and unraveled it at least 3 times… I don’t know what’s wrong with me!!

I’ll be finishing the book:

    The MacGregors: Serena Caine

by Nora Roberts.

That sums it up!

Any specific goals you have for the week?


Comments on: "Thoughts From 11 Days" (1)

  1. Hope your reading and knitting get off the back burner soon! 🙂

    P.S I really like the new theme/template.

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