In the words of Jocelyn O.

Weekends are something we are constantly waiting for.

When the week begins we anxiously await Friday night to come. Once the weekend is here we hope and pray that it’ll last, but it doesn’t because come Sunday afternoon it hits us that we will have to begin our weekly routine once more.

I think we often revolve our lives around weekends, but the truth is that we can accomplish things and have fun everyday. Yea we are tired from work and then there are the chores at home, but it doesn’t mean you can’t fit in some “me” time.

Also, think about the things you want to be doing and the priority they take in your life.

You keep telling yourself that you don’t have time to do anything, but maybe you are wasting your time doing not so important things?

For example, I will sometimes say I don’t have time to write or knit, but if I take time to analyze what I’ve been doing when I get home it is usually lounging around in front of the T.V. or playing League of Legends with the hubs. This is not to say that I should never do these things. I also will say I’m too tired or sleepy to read the Bible, but that’s because I leave it as the last thing to do in the day.

Again, YOU are in control of where your time goes. You – and me – need to stop making excuses. We want to blame everything but ourselves for our lack of time to do the things we want to do.

I have been trying something lately. When my husband decides to play League of Legends, I’ll tell him to play a game without me and work on my writing, blogging, catching up on reading other blogs and so on. It’s made a huge difference in the things I accomplish; I haven’t even dedicated that MUCH more time, but it’s more than I did before. It feels great when you know your time went to doing productive things, which you enjoy regardless, and not just wasting time on activities that can be done whenever and shouldn’t take priority.

Speaking of improving my time management, I will admit I’ve been obsessing in the mornings with downloading new apps for my iPhone. My husband and I -after much nagging on my part- went to get a new phone for me about two weeks ago, I believe February 29th. My contract was expired so I went for it. I have never been a huge fan of Apple, but I do have an iPod touch and I just feel like you can accomplish sooo much with a phone like that, so we got it. Since then I’ve been in search for apps that would help me improve my productivity and efficiency in everyday tasks and the things I love to do. My point is with all the technology that is available to us, we can get so much done; don’t let it keep you from the important things in life, rather use it to your advantage.

Stop making excuses. Stop wasting time. You do have time to do what you love, and it’s not JUST on the weekends: it’s EVERYDAY!

Life is toooo short and yes it’s great to be lazy and lounge around sometimes, but doesn’t it feel even better when you actually complete that short story you were working on? Or finish that sweater you were knitting?

By the way, I’m highly aware that many of us hardly have time to even lounge, and that makes time even more precious. In other words, no matter what your schedule is – fit in time for what *really* *truly* matters!

How are your time management skills? What gets in the way? How do you NOT let it get in the way?

I’d love to hear… or read 🙂


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