In the words of Jocelyn O.

Today was a rainy day… and I LOVED IT!

I am extremely fond of rainy days most of the time. Today especially was a great day- although it was both a good and bad thing: hubby got to come home extremely early from work because it was raining so they got sent home. It’s bad because it means less $$$, but I don’t care because we got to spend the day together. He got to get much needed rest and I got to tidy up doing some reading/writing with him by my side so that was pretty nice.

Anyways, thanks to a comment someone left me I decided it was time to put off visiting other bloggers and I stopped by a few and commented. I’m not done yet because I have a few more I want to read, but I am finally working on it.

Also, I changed the blog title from “Dreams of Galway” to “Perceiving”. I am currently working on a page explaining the whole title change, but I still left up the page explaining why I had named it “Dreams of Galway” to begin with.

So, one thing about the rain is that it makes me think and reflect a lot.

The different posts I read also helped a lot, but that’s something for tomorrow. This post is supposed to count for 3/8/12 even though it’s going to show for 3/9/12, because I actually have a post in the works for today-today, so till later!


Comments on: "Rain…rain…Don’t go away… to be continued" (1)

  1. … in the rain, when I bethink her …

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