In the words of Jocelyn O.

Well, it didn’t rain today unfortunately, but throughout the day, the sky would turn that gloomy gray that seems to calm me.

I did some bookmark sorting, not 100% finished, but getting there.
I finished taking photos of all the piano books I own and transferred them to my laptop, so now I need to put them into Evernote and start adding notes for each one.

I feel accomplished with my tidying both physically and virtually; improvements can be made, but lets just say those would be improvements to improvements already made, so there is progress!

SO, I have this HUGE issue that I want to discuss. I always have the intention of joining forums that deal with my interests: writing, reading, now knitting, etc.

My problem is that I join them I’ll respond to a couple of forum posts for maybe a week or so and then -boom- I just stop.
I don’t do it on purpose. I either forget, or somehow lost interest in having to keep up with posts or I become overwhelmed in my everyday life, but I want to change that. I want to become an active and known member of a few forums. I get a little bit jealous when I see other members replying to other members and you can tell they’ve been part of the community awhile. The friendliness is wonderful and great bonds are made – I want that.

My problem is the commitment and consistency. I’m starting to notice those are probably my biggest weaknesses. I can start something, but never pull through and finish or continue at it steadily. I’m tired of that. My question to you, is how do you keep up with the different online communities you are part of? Do you have a program remind you? Or is it something that you just do daily or frequently without much thought.

I want be a contributing member to the online communities I am currently part of or join in the future.

It is a really sucky feeling when you join and start to get to know people, and then you leave for awhile, when you come back you see some familiar names, but know that those people probably don’t remember you anymore because you were gone for awhile. I just don’t want that anymore. Just like I want to make worthwhile bonds in my day to day life I want the same in my virtual day to day life.

So… how do you do it?


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