In the words of Jocelyn O.

Getting Closer

Today was another interesting day where I got to reflect on many things.

I did have to work at both the bookstore today and teaching piano, it was a long and tiresome day, but I kept reminding myself I had tomorrow to look forward to (no work – at ALL!!).

I’ve been in a “sort everything out” mood lately. I want to have things organized and easily accessible, I want to know where I can find things and I want things easily at my fingertips so that I have no excuse not to write, or read or do whatever.

So far I’ve sorted out my 3 e-mail inboxes although I still have a bit more sorting to do it is much more under control than it was before. I plan to finish the rest of the virtual organizing tomorrow along with my favorites. I started doing that when I got home this evening. See my bookmarks are fairly neat… I have folders in the bookmark toolbar and menu in my Firefox browser. I usually tend to tag my favorites with keywords as well, but since I know myself and know that I can’t always decide on the spot where to put my bookmarks into I created a “check out later” folder. This basically means come back to this folder and finish places the bookmarks in the correct place, finish reading something and delete, or just do something but don’t forget it’s there. Now, my “check out later” folder has grown a bit too much and I need to shrink it- ASAP- so another project for tomorrow will be sorting out that folder in particular and just ensuring the rest of the bookmarks are fine and dandy.

A project for the future? Couponing. I was watching Extreme Couponing on TLC today and I was taken aback. From what I saw a lot of the Couponers were stay at home moms, but there definitely were others as well and Id like to get started on become better and finding deals and saving. Not something I’m going to stress about just yet, but definitely in the works within the next few months.

Knitting. So I downloaded a bunch of podcasts from the “Never Not Knitting” podcast I mentioned in my post yesterday. I have yet to hear them, but they are there in my iPhone and that’s pretty cool. I’m searching for more podcast apps, resources, etc. And more podcasts to listen to, not only on the topic of knitting, but music and other topics as well.

Music/Piano. While waiting for a student I started taking pictures of all the variety of method books, and piano books I own – that I had with me at the academy. I want to do an inventory and I’m going to be using Evernote to do so. My plan is to take pictures of all the books that I own regarding music/piano and this in an of itself will give me inventory of what I have, so when I’m out shopping I won’t unnecessarily purchase a double. Then I am going to add notes to each book, like a summary of what the book contains. This is going to help me in the future when I need to decide what books to use with a new student I can look back and see which books are slower paced, faster paced, harder or easier material sooner or later, etc. This little project is one I plan to start tomorrow and likely finish by the end of the month.

I also want to come back to my blog tomorrow, and read over all the posts I’ve written. I want to see where I was when I started and where I am at now. I am also possibly considering a new theme and maybe revamping the “Dreams of Galway?” page. And even though I STILL and will continue to dream of going to Galway until I do, I may change the name of my blog. Yet again. Yes, but it’s just one of those things I need to do until I get it right.

I also want to catch up on blogs I’m subscribed to and socialize a bit on the blogosphere world.

It seems like I’ve got a list cut out for me. And if I forget anything I can always check back in here.

I’m off for the night ladies and gent. 🙂


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