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Monday’s Melody

I posted earlier today, but today is supposed to be “Musical Monday” where I discuss my experiences as a Piano Teacher amongst other musically related things, so I wanted to work on this post.

I am changing the name to “Monday’s Melody” although this can again change, I think I will be happy with it for now. So for the past weeks I have been preparing my students for their first Christmas recital. The first recital the Academy held was in August and was very lovely. That recital was organized by the voice teacher, I helped with the Recital Program. She decided to take charge and all went very smooth. Now things are different. Voice Teacher has left to another job and that leaves me as more of “main” teachers amongst the music teachers because I’m the only original teacher left. There is a brand new Voice Teacher and a Guitar teacher that has been here for some weeks now, but no longer than a month or two.

This means I’m the one mostly in charge of this recital and I want it to go very well! It’s Christmas so I want it to be fun, lively, and an opportunity for the children to enjoy showing off their hard work. I feel like I have a bit of pressure on me, but I actually am enjoying the added responsibility because I feel it makes me grow as a piano teacher and overall. The way it’s been working the past few weeks is that I play a few different songs for my student at his or her level. He or she decides which they like the most, I make a copy for them to take home, and we spend a majority of the next classes practicing and perfecting the song, until the day of the recital. This way the children are assured of being prepared to perform in front of an audience. During this time I may work on a few technical pieces, exercises, and such, but not really any full songs in addition to their Christmas piece. If they were working on a piece beforehand we continue to practice it, but only if we have practiced the Christmas song enough during class, to the point where they have corrected at least a few of the weak points the student had at the beginning of the class.

Music and piano teachers out there how do you prepare your students for recitals in general? How is the choosing process? I worry sometimes that I’m taking up too much class time – even if it’s only 1 class – playing songs that the student gets to choose. Should I just pick for them?

Would love to hear from you all!


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