In the words of Jocelyn O.

In times before I would have seen my lack of blogging (regardless of the reasons) as failure. I would chastise myself for signing up for Post A Day, but not blogging daily, and in fact skipping quite a number of days in between the days I do blog.

Part of me is definitely disappointed! Another part of me knows I’m going through a process of becoming a more disciplined, better writer. I love to read other blogs for motivation and I find that I’ve read – in different places- a very true truth: thinking about writing, about how much you want to blog or write that novel, and all those ideas swarming around in your head , well it won’t get you anywhere. Stop thinking. Start writing. Let go of the fear and the excuses. I’m saying this mostly for me. A reminder to myself of all the encouraging and motivating posts I’ve read on writing. How can my writing- and yours- get any better if we don’t even start or do it consistently enough to learn our weak points and improve them?

For any Reader taking a look at this: I’ve learned so many things in these past few weeks, but a very important one is that when you are first venturing on become a serious blogger/ writer of any sort, don’t focus on writing for others, but for yourself. It is very likely that in the beginning your writing will be average and not pleasant to even yourself ( as I still feel towards my writing), but part of the improvement process, in my opinion, is putting that raw writing out there. It is scary, but once we start pushing the so-so, average material out of our systems, the great stuff will surface slowly, buy surely. And remember, you are capable of great and fantastic writing, only a little dusting is required to reveal the hidden beauty.


I am going to focus on this for the next couple of months as well as one last important point I want to make. Don’t hope or write for readers, but hope and write for friends. What is the point of quantity over quality? Blogging allows us to genuinely connect with others with similar interests. I think that should be amongst our goals when blogging- to acquire readers that even if only ever virtually, become our friends, not just an addition to our stats.

Off to work!


Comments on: "Day 14: Progress, Setbacks, and Everything Learned" (3)

  1. Thank You for sharing. I needed to see this. i do post every day but I just started the post a day and trying to get the feel of it. But you made some good points in your post. God Bless 🙂

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