In the words of Jocelyn O.

Another day of NaNoWriMo has come and almost left. I did not reach the 1,667 word count for the day, but am glad to say I did find the misplaced notebook with all my story ideas.

I’ ve also decided to post parts of my novel as it develops. This will also require me to be more on track with everything. I think Thursdays will be a good day to update with parts of my story.

One of my goals this year in NaNoWriMo is to be more interactive so Ive started reading the forums in the site and even made a comment. By the way please excuse any typos, I’m writing this on my Nook and the keyboard is being a bit laggy.

Something has been bothering me a lot. Sometimes I feel like this blog has turned into a somewhat journal which is never what I had in mind. As I progress with my blogging I’m trying to add structure to it and as you all know this is one of my biggest struggles. I often stop myself from writing because I feel it is never good enough, but if I don’t even try Ill never get past the bumps – Ill simply be stuck in the dead end I made for myself. This is why I’m letting perfectionism take a vacation. In the spirit of Nano I might do some planning here and there, some editing and such, but for the month of November all that matters is writing however it comes out.

Write with your hearts on your sleeves NaNoWriMoers and Bloggers.


Comments on: "Day 2 and its many discoveries" (2)

  1. Just write. Edit later. I say this to you as much as I say it to myself.

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