In the words of Jocelyn O.

Although I have not posted since the 17th ( 12days ) I am still committed to making this blog all it can be.

*I like to mention the days I haven’t blogged more as a reminder for myself and encouragement to stick with it.*

As I noted in my previous blog post I decided Mondays would be “Musical Mondays.” I’m now pretty sure that I’ll change the name, but no rush for that.


Today I teach piano. As I’ve told a number of people I never thought I’d be teaching piano so early in my life. In fact, I often thought that I would be in my 40s or 50s when I finally began to teach piano. I’m not sure why I had set this idea in my mind, but obviously it did not come to fruition. God had different plans for me and thanks to a number of people I was able to get this amazing job, teaching piano, at a dance and music academy. I started teaching April 18th of this year. Their music program was just debuting and I was the first official music teacher.


I highly enjoy my job there and that is a huge blessing. The kids teach me to be patient, which I usually am, even on the days when I am highly lacing because it’s been a bad or long day. It is very important to me for the children to have a lesson that really benefits their growing in knowledge of music and piano. I have found hard to do this in a time frame of 1/2 hour (for most of my students this is their regular time slot – 1/2 hour, once a week). I grew up taking hour long, weekly lessons and feel this is the optimal situation, but it’s important to make the most of what you have. So, I have learned that within a 1/2 time frame there is only so much I can teach, and instead of trying to infused balance in one lesson, it is more important to have a balance of topics over the length of the various lessons. I have to say this has been one of my biggest frustrations, but I am learning how to manage.

I wonder how other piano teachers go about structuring their classes with their students. In he time frame you have with your students, be it; 1/2 hour, 45 minutes or 1 hour, how do you make the most of it? Do you do the same routine every class as far as practicing certain exercises and just changing up the new songs your students learn? As a newer piano teacher I would really appreciate hearing from other piano teachers. I do think that in the end all music teachers want to instill in their students a love of the music world and all it has to offer.

I do have to mention one thing off topic from my “Musical Mondays” theme: tomorrow NaNoWriMo begins! This is both exciting and frightening because I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to stick to my post a day, yet now I’m adding to the mix NaNoWriMo for the month of November. It is a lot and although I know I’ll skip days, slack off, put it off, procrastinate, have “writer’s block”, be too busy, be too tired….am I missing any excuses? (haha) I will also have the support of loved ones who know how much this means to me, my fellow NaNoWriMos, and all of those out there who share a love of writing in any form.


Remember that even to partake in the activities we love doing (playing piano, writing, etc) – maybe it’s crocheting or baking for you- discipline and perseverance are necessary because if we truly love doing those things we don’t want them done haphazardly, but to the best of our abilities (and our abilities our ameliorated through the exertion of our genuine effort.)


Till the next one!


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