In the words of Jocelyn O.

I’ve been planning out my blog using Evernote, a program which I talked about in a previous post, trying to figure out a structure. So far I decided to make Monday “Musical Monday”. I don’t know if I’ll keep that name, but I will be discussing musically related topics. More specifically I’ll be inclined towards talking about the piano and my experiences teaching piano.

I don’t want to say it is the only thing I’ll talk about because I love music in general. I would love to discuss new artists, albums, or songs of pretty much any musical genre. This may also lead to Mondays being about piano and another day about the rest of the music world, but I don’t want to set up something I can’t keep up, so for now Mondays will be the umbrella for all music-y stuff.

Now I’ve got to figure out what the rest of the days will be about, but I’m super excited about having Mondays figured out.

Part of me thinks that I should limit myself to 1 subject for my blog, but honestly that’s not my personality. This is why I want to write about various topics, but in a sorted matter. I also don’t want this blog to necessarily be a journal of my life, but things from my life will be throughout these posts as it is almost inevitable and -I feel- almost necessary to make a blog really be alive.

As my blog continues to develop in the next months I can only hope that you will come to enjoy the steady stream of content that will be published here. I welcome feedback, constructive criticism, and all that good stuff. It’s off to dreamland for me.

Goodnight WP.


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