In the words of Jocelyn O.

Go Find an Arch-nemesis

Work is not always the funnest thing, but if you have a couple of good co-workers and the boss is not constantly breathing down your back- then you are allowed a few laughs. Laughing can pretty much brighten a gloomy day. It makes it easier to forget whatever problems are going on.

What’s even better? Laughing and discussing with your co-workers. You start to realize just how much you and “Buddy” have in common. Conversations flow from topic to the next: playing an instrument, music, singing, songs, food, eating habits, family eating habits… And somewhere in there finding an arch-nemesis. This is what happened to me today at work. It was hilarious.

A co-worker and I were talking about the books we want to write and about NaNoWriMo when another co-worker joined in, asking us about how it worked. One thing led to another and one of them showed both of us a very cool song: Preliator by Globus It will get you pumped. Well there was a comment in there about leading an epic life and what steps to take. Basically you have to listen to the song, walk out proudly, and wait for someone to do the slightest thing against you so you can say you’ve been dishonored and declare them your arch-nemesis. We laughed for a number of minutes and created various scenarios regarding these steps. Very enjoyable because we made it be.

In most situations it is okay and good to laugh, to enjoy yourself, to not put on a miserable face. Why would we make a bad time worse by rubbing it in our minds how bored we are and how horrid everything seems to be.
Seriously? It is said for a reason: make the most of what you got.

And if finding an arch-nemesis is what will make you smile- as long as you don’t come looking for me- be my guest.

What makes work enjoyable to you? And what do you do when times get blah?

Till the next post!


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