In the words of Jocelyn O.

Two Days, but it’s okay.

Two days in a row I didn’t blog, but that’s okay.

Im here today.


What I did do was set up my Evernote account. I had signed up long ago, but had never really taken time or interest to make the most of the program/ service. After reading about it in one of my favorite blogs by Jeff Goins and all the great comments people left regarding it I decided to actually try out.

The draft I wrote for this post was done on my iPod, during my break at my piano teaching job. I did not have net connection so all I could do was save my draft and wait for wi-fi access so it could automatically sync and magically appear in every piece of hardware where Evernote is available.


Presently, I opened my Evernote software on my laptop  and there was my draft! Amazing! Easy! Simple! You  don’t have to download the Evernote program to your computer you can just log in to your account on, but I myself prefer having the program downloaded to my PC -it’s left to your preference. I’d say is great for when you aren’t on a computer that’s your own for example.

I think Evernote might actually help me be productive. I read on the Evernote site how someone makes great use of it by keeping track of hobbies, research, and such all in one place.

This really inspired me because there is a lot I’d like to accomplish, but my disorganization and overwhelming sense of -too much to do- is not helping me focus and conquer. Evernote won’t make me stop being a procrastinator, but when I do decide to get into action it might just aid me in making much better use of my time.

Here are a few things I need to either create folders for in Evernote or figure something out, regardless I still have a lot to learn about Evernote, sooo if you have any tips, please share!


A personal reminder list:


There are a number of things I’d like to accomplish ( not in order of importance)

1. Pass both my college classes

2. Learn Irish Gaelic

3. Blog post daily for the rest of the year

4. Write in my journal to hubby daily

5. Complete NaNoWriMo in November

6. Write on daily ( definitely check out the site)

7. Read my Bible daily

8. Pick a passage from the Bible and actually study it

9.  Decide what classes if any to take in the Spring semester

10. Organize my favorites better than now

11.  ????


The list is not done, but that’s so ease my mind a bit, knowing I don’t need to remember all those things I want to do because they’re all safely written here!

Please share any lists of “To be Accomplished” you have!


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