In the words of Jocelyn O.

No One Out There

      It is almost the end of the week. Thursday night for me.

It has been a week like any with a little bit of everything throw in. I would like to recount something that happened to me yesterday that led to a conversation with my husband, which has brought me to my computer screen to type my thoughts into physical (or virtual) existence.

Let me mention the most vivid and not so pleasant memory of my week. Yesterday I was at what I like to call “Job 1” (my job at the bookstore). I was chatting with a new co-worker about what was going on in her life and what she had been up to before she ended up working at the bookstore. After a few minutes, another co-worker stops and begins to ask “co-worker 1” the same exact questions I had just been asking her and discussing. At this moment, I jesting tell him: “You know, (Insert his name), if you’d been here like three minutes ago you would have been having this same exact conversation with us haha.” He replies: “Well I was taking out the garbage, oh, I forgot to take you out to the trash too.”

At this moment I just turned around in my comfy, swivel chair- and held back the tears that were welling up in my eyes.

I had never had a problem with this guy so it came as a big shock. I know he tends towards the dry humor side, but I felt like that was going too far. I later told my manager who is also my close friend and she told me I should have said something back, but I was just frozen in time. I actually told him, in a half joking manner, “wow that hurt.” Because it really did. It is really tough when you are in a situation that you just did not see coming. I tend to be more on the emotional/sensitive side so this affects me even more so, but later on when he asked me for some permanent markers,  I handed them to him, in a very cold way. And, being a Christian, I’m not going to be a horrible person to him, but I most definitely will not go out of my way to be friendly to him.

Have any of you ever experienced something similar? A comment from a person (you were not expecting it from) or a situation that caught you off guard? Please share how you felt, your reactions, anything to shed light on what people do in this sucky situations.

I know worse things happen in the world. I know this is not the worse thing that can ever happen to anyone, but in the context of things it makes me think how people in general are less and less nicer each day. More specifically: where are the gentlemen in this world? Anyone? Let me know please.

So that’s the end of that ordeal.

Monday and Tuesday were nothing spectacular: school, work, work, cramming, and all that fun stuff -yes the double “work” was put there on purpose.

I’ve noticed something though, more and more each passing day and week. A lot of us are brainwashed. Living zombies. Walking around doing things just because. Not really sure of anything. It’s sad. I’d like to expand on this, but definitely in a future post.

I just thought I’d leave you all a little curious.

Until my next post a day (tomorrow, haha).





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