In the words of Jocelyn O.

Blogging Identity

So I’ve decided that I want to write under a pen name.

I’ve got the first part, figured it out easily because it’s the first initial of my full name.
This is a really big decision because I had never really pondered the idea of having a pen name, but I decided to do so because I feel like it will suit
what I want to do as a writer better. I am still working on the “last name” or second part of my pen name though; this will take me a bit longer as it will be a full out name and not just an initial so I feel it can carry a lot of weight.

Little by little, everyday I am creating this “writing identity” for myself.

I have bee putting off truly, committed writing for a long time so things like this make me realize that this time it’s for real. I am going to get things done as far as my writing goals. There’s never really been a reason to put it off. I have just always been scared of failing as a writer, but I also know I can’t even fail if I don’t even start jotting down words. I feel like my writing is very lackluster right now: full of mistakes, repetitiveness, and just missing zest. Right now, I’m writing more for the sake of saying “I wrote today, that’s one more day closer to being a better writer that’s putting out better posts, stories, etc” than trying to put out super quality material. This may be a bad thing, but to me it’s a lot of progress from not writing at all.

A couple of things I’ve thought about regarding my blog:

(1) Topics of Interest

  • Politics
  • Current Events
  • Music
  • Piano
  • Teaching Piano
  • Writing stories

(2) Pages

  • Not sure about which pages I should make static?

(3) Blog Layout/theme

  • A structured, simple looking theme/layout that would be easy on my readers’ eyes


Well that’s it for today, thank you for taking the time to read and if you have any suggestions or tips for me (motivation and encouragement totally wanted as well!) please do comment.


Have a lovely night/ day wherever you are!




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