In the words of Jocelyn O.

Plain… Language

For the next few days and possibly weeks I’m going to try and really learn about blogging in the sense of how to really customize. I want to have more consistency in what I write about for example and make my blog a little more fun to look at, you know?

So that covers the plain part of my blog post title, the language part is a different story.

Even though I pretty much have down the “parts of speech” in English, today as I took a quiz for Linguistics I realized I need to work on identifying what “part of speech” or “lexical category” as it can be called in Linguistics- a word actually belongs in (ah, I ended in a preposition).

So feel free to point out what “part of speech” any word, in any of my posts belongs to, given its context within the sentence, it will be helpful for me and maybe…F-U-N… for you? or maybe not, but I would still like the practice 🙂 although it will be easier for me to read than you to figure out and write… so you might be getting more of the ‘practice’ end than me.

Well, I should probably be paying attention in class, seeing as I may not have done so great on the quiz I just took sooooooo, hasta la vista dears 🙂


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