In the words of Jocelyn O.

The Light Bulb

On Mondays and Tuesdays I have my Linguistics and Sightsinging I classes.

Linguistics can be a tedious subject: it is not so much hard as it is complex. Sightsinging on the other hand you would think I have downpacked because I have played piano for 12 years now and I do know plenty of and about music, but let me tell you, until today I was about 50% lost in that class.

I did not understand the concept of Moveable ‘doh’ versus fixed ‘doh’.

I did not understand what exactly I would have to do on my test.

I did not understand tonic or dominant.

As you could see I was just a mess in that class, but suddenly the light bulb clicked today. Thanks to a classmate and to my brain deciding to cooperate. I cleared up a few questions with my professor at the end, and now all I have to do is study and learn the material weel, but I at least comprehend WHAT I am studying!!!

It is a truly wonderful feeling, to be drowing and feel the unexpected pull of a helping hand. You also need the desire to want to get out, to make it, to figure it out. Now I’m sitting by the water. I can deal with it all. I’m no longer drowning. I may be soaked, but I’m not immersed.


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