In the words of Jocelyn O.

Time Opens Doors

Time. It is one of the most welcome and unwelcome entities we may know. Sometimes it is good:we need to stall, we need time. Sometimes it is our enemy: we want to know the result of a test, a decision, etc.

Time is around for a reason. We need it. Sometimes Time is all you need for a little perspective. I have learned that over the past year.

It’s been a few months since I last wrote unfortunately, but things have changed a bit, for the positive.

I just started school again. I am taking 2 classes thanks to my family and my hubby’s support. I am very excited and motivated! This is one of those time things that have given me perspective. I had been out of school for an entire year. Now going back to school when I’m in a tougher situation I value it very much. Yet, I’ve also come to a very important understand: school is not everything. It certainly is not the only way nor necessarily the best way to get an education.

Life is truly the best school of all. Experience the Professor. Honestly, do you think you will learn everything you need to know simply from a textbook? NO way! You can learn from the people around you, your everyday activities, that topic you are curious about researching on your own, and so much more. Maybe your curious for a reason. Maybe you are meant to find something out and do something about it.

All I know is that our society has come to value more the fact that you have a piece of paper called “diploma” rather than the person holding the paper and what they may (or may not) know.

It almost sounds like I’m against college, but I’m not. I’m just against what it has become: a means of taking our money and the value of what we get in return is hardly what it used to be.

This is going to be a short post. Just to give an idea of a topic I will discuss in more detail in the future, amongst other, but basically I just wanted to get myself back into the blogging seat. I read a great post today that inspired me to be a consistent, quality blogger. It’s Time I put the excuses to a side and actually do what I love: write.


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