In the words of Jocelyn O.

The week started on Sunday, but due to a few things happening yesterday it has made me further reflect on the things I love, need, and want. My passions. My hates.

I’m getting a little bit better at actually writing stuff I just need to post it.
My husband bought me a Nook Color and I downloaded an app on which I can type and e-mail myself. So this helps me to be able to write when I am on the go. It’s really great! I had been debating whether to buy the Nook Color or the Kindle. The NC ended up being more versatile for my needs.

So for this week I have a few personal achievement goals.

I would like to again comment once each on 5 blogs. I have subscribed to a few interesting ones so at this point I’m not searching for any more new ones, although if I fall upon them I just can’t help it, but I definitely want to comment more on the ones I’ve already subscribed to as I find it important to interact with fellow bloggers!

The other thing I would like to do is finish my Staple story. What do you think of it?

Besides that I’d like to get my novel started and continue to post on my blog more consistently, so at least for this week I am hoping to make it 1 post per day on both this blog and my writing blog.

I think this can be achieved with a little effort. Something I am going to be repeating a lot is the fact that I tend to put writing on the backburner, just like it is easy to put excuses for not exercising so is it easy to put excuses for putting off writing. And part of my goals’ purpose is to get me to make it part of my priorities and of course to continue to improve my writing!

The last goal I want to accomplish this week as far as blogging and writing is to structure my blog better.
I would like to at least pick one day where I post material on a specific subject or something around those lines so that, in hopes that I have readers that will eventually enjoy reading what I write, they will have something to look forward to!

Well that’s it for now. I have to head to my job. I am really thankful that I get to teach piano it is such a fun and yet relaxing job. I enjoy practicing and playing piano in order to keep my skills and knowledge up to par, with all those eager students wanting to learn. At the same time, getting this job has made me realize that I can follow my dreams and do what I love. It is not a cliche! So along with playing the piano I write, and I hope to continue doing both for a long time and getting better at each every day, but most of all never losing my love for them.


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